How To Find The Right Divorce Attorney In Garrett Indiana

Getting a divorce is a watershed moment in most people’s lives. While it sometimes happens as a quick response to a severe violation of trust, such as infidelity or spending money frivolously with no regard for the family, many divorces are thought out well before deciding to file. The analysis of when to file also commonly includes a comprehensive evaluation of who to hire as a lawyer. The best divorce attorney in garrett indiana who will fight at your side and work with you is Yoder & Jessup Attorneys at Law, and here is why. 

Child Custody

 One of the most important issues in many divorces is the disposition of minor children or other dependents. Some families even have special needs children who will need some support level even after they reach adulthood. And of course, all children under 18 years of age will be included in any financial child support obligations as determined by the court. Even though the court system commonly advocates for minor children in a divorce case, child custody is still often a contentious issue when parents are arguing over control of their children. An experienced family lawyer will understand how to navigate these intense situations and arrive at a reasonable remedy within the scope of the law. 

Property Division

 Property division is also a contentious issue when dissolving a marriage, especially when one spouse has more personal wealth than the other. The only marital property in Indiana is what is accumulated during the length of the marriage, and many times one spouse will attempt divesting or selling items before the case goes to court. Even worse, they may stash money away. There are ways to stop this in some instances. Financial transfers can also be documented in some cases, including when the court makes a final decision or during a mediation agreement process. This is when it is vital to have an aggressive Indiana attorney who will take control of the dispute and demand fairness or take the issue to court in a formal hearing. 

Retirement Benefits

 While this asset division may not apply in every case, many divorces are between couples who have professional employment and significant incomes. And, many times, this includes a retirement package or savings plan that accrues over the years with contributions. The amount of these assets obtained during the length of the marriage is considered marital property by the state. It is very common for divorcing couples to have retirement accounts included in the marital property to be divided, but one spouse may need to pay the other some amount of money. An experienced family attorney can access all of the documentation and negotiate a balanced settlement. 

Domestic Violence Divorces

 Not all divorces in Indiana are amiable and processed smoothly in accordance with the law. Domestic violence is a common core issue that results in the end of many marriages. Children do not need exposure to violent or aggressive behavior, whether it is in the home or when visiting the problematic parent. And, the parent with the violent tendencies can be either male or female. It is not uncommon for a divorcing spouse to request a restraining order or supervised visitation, both of which can be arranged with a reputable attorney who has handled complicated domestic violence divorces in the past. 

 The primary goal for most divorcing couples is to get as much visitation with their children as possible while making a relatively clean separation to go onward in life. Anyone searching for a comprehensive family law professional in GARRETT INDIANA will know they have found the right attorney for their case when they find one who can deliver on all of these necessities that are central elements of divorces. In GARRETT INDIANA, that divorce attorney in Garrett Indiana is Yoder & Jessup Attorneys at Law. For more articles to help walk you through some of the intricacies of the divorce process and child custody battles, click here.

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