Steps Completed by an Auburn, Indiana Divorce Attorney

No one begins their married life planning for a divorce; however, separations happen far too often. When divorces happen, it’s important that the individuals involved get a good divorce attorney who can provide them with sound legal advice, guide them through the process, and ensure that they receive what they deserve in the settlement. In Auburn Indiana, a divorce lawyer can help you in the following ways:  


  • Provide the Divorce Petition 

A divorce attorney is in charge of filing the divorce petition through the court and then serving the papers to the other spouse. During this process the one filing for divorce provides the attorney with the last known address of their ex, and then the papers are delivered by certified mail or the local sheriff. This is an important part of the process, since both individuals must be involved for the divorce to take place. In some cases, the couple might go to the attorney’s office together to file for their divorce, but this is unlikely. Most often, divorces involve going through the courts to receive the proper documents.  


  • Work to Develop an Amicable Agreement 

Divorces are often nasty. Whenever you take lives that were lived together and try to tear them apart, it is certain to leave not only hurt feelings, but also frustration as the two people try to divide their assets. With the help of a divorce lawyer, the individuals can work together to deciding who will receive what pieces of property and any details about support/maintenance. Indiana law does not allow for what is typically known as “alimony.” However, the statutes do permit spousal maintenance under certain circumstances. Divorce attorneys can help individuals determine whether maintenance can be awarded in their case, and if so, how much. 


  • Arrangements Involving Children  

When parents get divorced, their children add extra room for discussion and concern. Those with children need to make arrangement for both custody, visitation, and child support. During this process, parents can determine what is in the best interest of their children as they consider where the children attend school, each parents’ work schedule, and the needs of the children. Child support is determined by the state’s specific guidelines that are based on the income and earning capacity of both parents along with the number of children.  


  • Mediation to Stay Out of Court 

In many cases, it is impossible for the divorcing couple to work out agreements on their own. When this happens, they will have to go on toward mediation where they can explain which parts of the divorce agreement bother them and seek ways to find solutions where both parties give and take.  


  • Going to Court 

When mediation does not work, it’s time for the couple to meet in front of a judge who will determine how to divide the property and, if children are involved, where the children will liveWhile this is sometimes necessary, it takes all control out of the hands of the individuals and gives it to the judge. If you are going to court, it is important that you have a good attorney who can represent your case and explain why ruling a certain way will be in the best interest of everyone involved.  


If you are planning a divorce in Auburn Indiana, then you need to start by securing a good divorce attorney. Your Auburn, Indiana divorce lawyer can help you navigate the legal system while ensuring that your divorce goes as smoothly as possible. Contact Yoder Kraus & Jessup to learn more about your legal options and how one of their attorneys can guide you through your divorce. With the help of a good attorney, you can rest assured that you will receive what you need in the settlement and have the opportunity to move forward with your life.