Legal Services Provided by a Family Law Attorney in Auburn, Indiana

Services Offered by a Family Law Attorney in Auburn, Indiana 


There are many services that a family law attorney delivers to clients. Divorces encompass one aspect of family law but they may be the most complicated. There are many things that require attention. It is essential to consider how assets are split and how debts are divided. Besides divorces, a family law lawyer in Auburn Indiana can help you negotiate child custody. These matters are quite sensitive and bring a number of emotions. It can be difficult to keep a calm head at this time, which is why having a knowledgeable law team on your side makes things a little easier. 


What Happens When a Marriage Ends? 

 When your marriage ends, it is a sad time. Sometimes, things work out amicably, but it is usually the case where spouses fight over property and children. Since a husband and wife may be forced to have a judge order final decisions, it is vital to work with an experienced divorce lawyer. Since things may not go as planned, it is best to work with an attorney who is skilled at negotiation. 


When divorcing in a contested manner, it is difficult to find a solution that pleases both parties. A family law lawyer will anticipate issues that may arise. Also, he or she will develop a fair way to split assets or find assets that your spouse is hiding. If negotiations are occurring, an attorney acts like an emotional shield and a person who is looking out for your best interests. During a contested case, the Indiana courts start from the position of splitting assets and debts equally. Unfortunately, this cannot be done with everything in the marriage.  

  • Property like a home or car cannot be halved down the middle. 
  • Not all property or debt is transferable. 


Uncontested divorces usually occur when couples have no children or assets, or they have agreed on a way to handle things that satisfy both parties. Even in these cases, it takes at least 60 days for the final orders to be entered. 


Child Custody, Child Support, and Visitation 

 If you are a couple with children, divorce can be extremely complicated. It is essential to make arrangements that put the children’s needs first. Most likely, both parties will want beneficial visitation, or “parenting time”. There are other things to consider as well. 

  • Rules about moving with your child 
  • Dealing with who pays for college and other education 
  • Tax details 
  • Grandparent visitation 
  • Establishment of paternity 
  • Child Support 

 Parents may reach an informal custody agreement, or there may be a need for a mediator or a judge to finalize plans. A knowledgeable lawyer will make sure that all paperwork is filed on time and that all facts are presented. Once an agreement or decision is reached, child support will be set. The exact amount will depend on various child care expenses, income of both parents, and the established standard of living. Within Indiana state law, parents have the responsibility (in most cases) to pay child support until children reach 19 years of age. 


Working with a Top Family Law Lawyer in Auburn Indiana 

If you need help with the dissolution of your marriage and custody matters, our legal team at Yoder Kraus & Jessup P.C., will be with you every step of the way. There are many legal issues involved with this type of situation. We take pride in helping Auburn residents and preventing clients from overlooking situations that may have long-term negative effects. No matter the complexity of your case, we will help you get through this stressful time. We will take the sting out of the process so that you and your children receive the best outcome possible.